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David Lewis

Jose Manzano

Liana Reich

Meet the AMA owners: 

Chris Mead

American Molosser Association (AMA)

Kristen Lewis

Welcome to the American Molosser Association, a registry for only Molosser breeds. The AMA boasts careful photographic validation of all the dogs registered. The AMA was founded in 2015 by seven dedicated dog men and women. In March of 2015, we acquired the American Bulldog Association (ABA), in order to preserve the heritage and build a future in which the American Bulldog thrives. With the acquisition of the ABA came a small Molosser registry. We renamed it to better fit our vision for a Molosser only registry. We are resolute in building a future were all Molosser breeds thrive. We are only as good as the people and dogs who support us, so any suggestions or comments are always welcome. Your input, support, and involvement are necessary for our continued success. 

Our Mission: The American Molosser Association is committed to promoting purebred Molosser breeds and breeding for type and function while steadfast in upholding the integrity of the registry.  

Nathan Reich

Jane Mead